How do hollywood stars stay in shape?

It’s a given that hollywood stars are expected to stay in amazing shape all the time so that they’re ready to star in whatever movie they star in. The question is, how do they do it? When so many normal Americans have trouble even staying within striking distance of reasonably fit, how can Hollywood stars have shreded abs and completely defined bodies?

For the guys, if they need to get jacked and huge, it’s like a little “supplementation” assistance, because it takes a long time to build muscle naturally. The women have it easier because all they have to do is lose fat and tone up a bit, which is just a matter of dieting and exercising until you hit your goal weight. For example, a guy could work out every day and eat an extra 500 calories a day for 3 months, and he might only put on 5 lbs of muscle naturally if he does everything well. A woman though could lose 12-15 lbs in that time and if she was in reasonable shape beforehand, then losing 15 lbs would make her look incredible with no further work. But for a guy, adding 5 lbs of muscle makes a very small difference, and certainly not enough to look “jacked.”

The best way to stay in shape long-term is getting home gym equipment for CrossFit workouts so that you can get workouts in frequently with very little time invested. A guy that does a workout like that will build muscle and strength, which is a long-term process. This article on shows how it might be a realistic goal to only gain .5-1 lb of muscle per week. That’s a very slow process for someone that needs to put on 20 lbs of muscle for a comic book superhero role, so guys often can’t wait that long to make a huge transformation, so they turn to roids.

There are a lot of negative effects from taking that step, but many actors are making so much money that they’re willing to risk it. This article on why steroids are bad for you shows this negative effect.

Hottest girl in Hollywood right now?

Well it’s not that Elle Fanning girl, that’s for sure! Did anyone else see Malificent this past weekend? Man, her sister is so much better looking! I’m actually surprised they chose her for sleeping beauty…wasn’t that supposed to be an incredibly beautiful girl? I’m not saying Elle is ugly, but I wouldn’t look twice at her on the street. In fact, the girl that gave me popcorn at the movies was legitimately 2 points hotter than Elle, who I would put at a 7/10.

Angelina still looked great, although with so much makeup that’s not saying much. Still, she is clearly staying in shape.

The hottest girl in Hollywood right now is probably Jennifer Lawrence, who was in the latest X-men movie, all of the Hunger Games movies, and is single-handedly making it ok for women in Hollywood to be above a size zero. Granted, Jenny sometimes has a bit extra that isn’t helping her or her cause, but she’s always “within striking distance” as I like to say. A figure where if she loses 10-15 lbs she is suddenly in fantastic shape. A lot of women could do a lot worse!